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How do I reference an article on Drugs Treatment?

For reference and citation guidelines, please refer to this page.

I did not receive my confirmation email or newsletter?

If you use spam filters, please add our email service address info@drugstreatment.info. Drugs Treatment to your list of permitted senders. Please see our white list instructions if you need help.

How do I register to join Drugs Treatment?

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How can I change my member profile?

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How can I find out about a particular drug?

To search by drug name, enter brand or generic drug name into the search box. Choose a suggestion or click the search button. Then click on the link to the information required. You can also browse the drug database. Click on the link to the first letter of the drug name just below the search box.

What makes Drugs Treatment different from other Internet health sites?

Taking charge of your health means understanding your medical treatment. We believe that everyone has a right to understand their treatments – why the medications have been prescribed, and what the possible side effects are.
Our goal is to provide clear information about drugs sold in the USA, at a level everyone can comprehend. For consumers, we provide product information in non-technical language. Health professionals will find what they need in the FDA Product Label Professional Information database.
The Care Guide provides information about the treatment of common illnesses and injuries. The Drug Interactions checker details drug-drug interaction mechanisms, severity and management, and also outlines drug-food interactions.