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Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine focuses on improving physiological function as a primary means of improving health. The Institute for Functional Medicine defines this approach as personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes, instead of symptoms.

Functional medicine provides health care management within the following framework:

“Diet, nutrition, and exposure to environmental toxins play central roles in functional medicine because they may predispose to illness, provoke symptoms, and modulate the activity of biochemical mediators through a complex and diverse set of mechanisms.”

Functional medicine is an integrative approach to medicine because it incorporates an analysis of how all components of the human body interact functionally with each other and the environment.

Functional medicine includes that the entire “patient story” needs to be heard and understood in context in order to truly help the patient.

Functional medicine is personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of symptoms for disease. It is a science-based field of health care that is grounded in the following principles:

Bio-individuality meaning there is no one perfect way of approaching health that works for everybody. Each person has very specific needs for his or her own health according to age, constitution, gender, size, lifestyle and ancestry

Patient-centered medicine emphasizes “patient care” rather than “disease care”.

Like an orchestrated network the human body functions as interconnected systems, rather than individual systems functioning autonomously and without effect on each other.

Health is optimal vitality – not merely the absence of disease.


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Health Benefits

Learn About the Many Fish Oil Health Benefits

Over the years, the popularity of fish oil has increased tremendously. This can be attributed to the many health benefits associated with the use of this supplement. These benefits are mainly brought about by the presence of various omega 3 fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docodhaxeonoic acid (DHA) which it contains. To better understand the importance of this type of oil, the following is an overview of fish oil health benefits.

Cardiovascular Health

This is perhaps the most notable benefit associated with the use of fish oil. The two omega 3 fatty acid compounds DHA and EPA found in it have been clinically proven as having the capability to reduce the amount of triglycerides within the blood. Triglyceride is a type of fat found within the blood that can greatly incapacitate the cardiovascular health increasing the risk of an individual developing heart disease. It can also prevents atherosclerosis: a condition where fat collects inside arteries making the arteries hard and preventing blood flow.

By taking a high Omega3 supplement, the chances of an individual developing cardiovascular complications are greatly minimized.

Mental Disorders

Fish oil is also effective in the treatment of various mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, psychosis and depression. In a research carried out by the University Of Maryland Medical center, patients having depression were divided into two groups. The first group was given depression medicine with no supplements while the second group was given depression medicine in addition to fish oil. It was discovered that the second group of patients responded faster to the treatment regime when compared to the first group of patients.

Reduces Blood Pressure

This is one of its best health benefits. Research has shown that, omega-3 fatty acids found within a pure supplement have the ability to expand blood vessels. Expansion of blood vessels also leads to an increase in the diameter of the vessels which inadvertently reduces the blood pressure.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

The ability of fish oil to reduce pain and inflammation can be attributed to the compound eicosanoids found within omega-3 fatty acids. This compound helps to relieve pain and inflammation associated with conditions such as cystitis and arthritis. It also helps to prevent prostatitis: a condition affecting men characterized by an inflamed prostate gland.

Maintains Healthy Skin

Fish oil helps in treating skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. It also inhibits the formation of the compound androgen, reducing the production of sebum enabling the body to clear off acne easily.

Improves Body Immunity

This is one of the most notable fish oil health benefits. It stimulates the production of cytokines within the body; this compound is considered as a great immune booster. Therefore, an individual taking this natural supplement is less likely to suffer from common ailments such as cold and flu which are normally brought about by lowered immunity.

In view of the above health benefits, incorporating fish oil in your diet is highly recommended. It is usually advisable to use it in its natural form as opposed to supplements that are not manufactured in a fresh and pure manner. The reason behind this is that, some supplements incorporate chemical compounds and might bring about some minor side effects.


Bioidentical Hormones

Thank you so much for saving my life!! I feel like I have my life back and I’m in control! Finding out that I have a hormone imbalance and insulin resistance made me realize that I needed to change my diet and exercise, I have cut out carbs, started exercising, started Progesterone and feel like a new person!!! I have gone to many doctors and knew something wasn’t right, but all they wanted to do was give me a pill.

An exciting revolution in science and medicine focuses on the prevention of the aging process. It is now possible to stop much of the undesirable aspects, symptoms and diseases associated with aging. One of the most important preventive therapies in this new paradigm of care is hormone supplementation. Hormones are substances produced by endocrine glands to regulate numerous body functions like body temperature, reproduction, growth, metabolism and immune function. Essentially a hormone is a chemical messenger that instructs our organs on how to function. A healthy body produces more than 100 different types of hormones. Men and women feel healthy, young and sexy, when hormone levels are high.

As the levels of hormones decline so do our physical and mental capabilities. The amount of hormones in our bodies is directly proportionate to how fast we age.

Hormonal deficiency symptoms include:

Weight Gain

Loss of muscle mass

Degenerative Diseases

A compromised Immune System

Wrinkly and Thinning Skin

Cognitive Decline

Loss of Sex Drive


Sleep Disorders

Depression and Stress

Restoring your hormones to optimal levels plus a healthy diet & lifestyle might be the best health insurance available on the planet!

During perimenopause as well as menopause women lose height, get weaker, lose mental functioning as well as their sexual drive, and notice drying and wrinkled skin as well as decreased sensitivity to touch. Male menopause is commonly referred to as andropause, and is marked by a decline in sexual function. The symptoms of menopause and andropause can be reversed via restoring the hormones to youthful levels.

As this hormone decline happens our overall health and immune system begins to decline. We lack the vitality, energy, strength, physique we once had and we get fatigued easier. As a result of hormone decline many people don’t feel well, although they are not clinically diagnosed as having a particular condition. The deterioration seen in normal aging, results in coronary artery disease, muscle atrophy, osteoporosis, sleep disorders, depression, and mood disorders. Much of this is caused by a decrease in hormones. By restoring these hormones to their youthful levels it is now possible to strengthen and bolster our bodies as well as our minds. We can improve and reverse many symptoms and signs that we have come to associate with aging. We can also regain the youthful resilience, which protects us from the stressors of daily life.

Replenishment of these hormones to optimal, physiological levels has been shown to alleviate these age-related changes. Treated correctly people look and feel better as they lose weight, increase muscle mass, increase libido, increase arousal, increase orgasm, and get rid of their depression.

Why Bioidentical?

Bioidentical Hormones are safe and effective natural products. These natural hormones have the exact same molecular structure as the hormones made in the human body. Therefore they produce the same physiologic responses as the body’s own hormones and are metabolized safely.

Bio-identical hormones have been available for over 20 years. They are so lacking in side effects that they are frequently sold over the counter as nutrient supplements like melatonin, vitamin D3, DHEA and pregnenolone.

Natural hormones are a virtually risk-free and effective alternative to synthetic hormones. Synthetic estrogens e.g. are still being made from horse urine and have been known for years to cause an increase in blood clots, heart attacks, stroke, and breast cancer. It has been scientifically determined that women taking hormones derived from horses have an increased rate of cancer. Further side effects associated with synthetic estrogen and synthetic progesterone includes weight gain, heart disease and stroke.


Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Physical and Spiritual Well-Being

At the heart of Healthy Aging is Dr. Weil’s belief that although aging is an irreversible process, there are myriad things we can do to keep our minds and bodies in good working order through all phases of life. To that end, he draws on the new science of biogerentology (the biology of aging) as well as on the secrets of healthy longevity– diet, activity, and attitude–that he has gathered firsthand from cultures around the world.

In Part One–“The Science and Philosophy of Healthy Aging”–he explains how the body ages, and he explores the impact of gender, genes, environment, and lifestyle on an individual’s experience and perception of the process of aging. He describes the various would-be elixirs of life extension–herbs, hormones, and ant aging “medicines”–separating myth from fact and clearly delineating the difference between the spurious notions of preventing or reversing the process of aging and the real possibilities of inhibiting or delaying the onset of diseases that become more likely as we age. He writes movingly about the ways in which an acceptance of aging can be a significant part of doing it well, and of recognizing and appreciating the great rewards of growing older: depth and richness of experience, complexity of being, serenity, wisdom, and its own kind of power and grace.

In Part Two–“How to Age Gracefully”–Weil details an easy-to-implement Anti-inflammatory Diet that will protect the immune system and aid your body in resisting and adapting to the changes that time brings. And he provides extensive practical advice on exercise; preventive health care; stress management; physical, mental, and emotional flexibility; and spiritual enhancement–all of which can help you achieve and maintain the best health throughout the lifelong process of aging.

Healthy aging–a book for people of all ages–is Andrew Weil’s most important and far-reaching book yet. Dr. Weil has raised dispensing health advice to an art form. Instead of making his audience feel inadequate or guilty about bad habits, he seems to subconsciously convince readers to do better merely by presenting health facts in a non-threatening way. Healthy Aging is his most scientifically technical book yet (you’ll learn all about enzymes like telomerase and cell division and the chemistry behind phytonutrients like indole-3-carbinol, and the connection between cancer and other degenerative diseases like diabetes) yet by far his most fascinating.

His main mission here is to recommend “aging gracefully,” which he considers accepting the process instead of fighting it. As the director of the country’s leading integrative-medicine clinic (combining the best of traditional and alternative worlds), of course he disuses Botox and the slew of $100-a-jar face creams out there. It’s also no surprise that he focuses on proper nutrition, moderate exercise, and meditation and rest among his “12-point program for healthy aging.” (Triathletes and exercise addicts should take special note of the research linking excessive exercise and ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.) He occasionally references his earlier works, including 8 Weeks to Optimum Health. But the most eye-opening sections are those that discuss the spirituality of aging and its emotional aspects. “Aging can bring frailty and suffering, but it can also bring depth and richness of experience, complexity of being, serenity, wisdom, and its own kind of power and grace,” he writes. At 63, Weil is still a bit shy of senior status, but is aging well indeed, with the legacy of his late 93-year-old mother (who’s touchingly eulogized by Weil in this book) to guide him.–Erica Jorgensen


Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mg with GCA as Recommended on Dr. Oz!

Are you looking to lose weight?

When there’s excess fuel in the body, the liver’s sugar storage capacity is exceeded. The sugar is then converted by the liver into fat & returned to the bloodstream, where it is stored as fat in the stomach, hips, butt & breasts. The fat then gets stored around the organs, like the heart, liver & kidneys. This reduces organ efficiency, decreases metabolism, & weakens the immune system.

How Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA® works

Chlorogenic acid inhibits the release of glucose into the bloodstream & increases liver metabolism thereby effectively helping to control weight by burning fat.

Clinical Research

In one study published in January 2012 in Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, 16 overweight adults supplemented with green Cofee Bean extract of chlorogenic acids at dosages of either 700 mg or 1050 mg per day for 12 weeks. The subjects lost an average of almost 18 lbs – 10% of their overall body weight & 4.4% of their overall body fat.

Our supplement Contains Green Coffee Antioxidant with 50% Chlorogenic Acid (GCA®) (essential for weight loss). GCA® is the type of Extract that was used in a clinical study “Randomized, double-blind study to evaluate the efficacy of green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects” – published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in January 2012. Over a period of 22 weeks, study subjects lost about 10% – an average weight loss of 17 pounds and 16 % of their body fat. No side effects were noted.

Please note that Dr. Oz does not endorse any specific supplement. He makes recommendations about the minimum daily dosage of Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA®) that you need to see results.

What Now?

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